Miss You

Miss You

It’s worth saying, before I start all this, that this was from a particular period of my life, and I basically ripped it off of Elvis Costello (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY71zqHfHKI)

The man’s a legend. I stole. My bad.

And also, I never did any of these things…

I had you
And for a while the whole world loved to know
When we spent time
I knew you were the one,
I guess I’d always known

I don’t know,
I don’t know why you did it why you left the floor
I’m sorry
Or maybe it was nothing
I’d not done a long, long time before

But now I miss you
I know you’re out there somewhere
Are you thinking of me?
I miss you
Are you dreaming of my touch
Though when you wake it’s him you see

I miss you
I see your face laughing through
The window of my car
I miss you
Then you go inside together
And he just smiles and touches your arm

I miss you
I’d call you every day
But I want more.
I miss you
And when your phone just rings and rings
I know your clothes are on the floor

I miss you
I know you’ve moved on now
Your heart don’t break
I miss you
I know you’ve moved on now
And that’s for me to learn to take

But I miss you
I’ll keep on seeing you
Though each night takes you further away
I miss you
But maybe there’ll come a time for us
You smile and add, one day

And ‘cause I miss you
I’ll hang on in there, break myself with waiting
I miss you
Even though there’s nothing left in me but still you’re taking
I need you
I don’t know how to start to learn to live again
I miss you
I want you here though every thought of you just brings me pain
You’re killing me
I swear to you I’ll never love again
I beg you
Oh, please, just let me go just let me learn to live again

I love you
But if you’re through hurting me
Then maybe let me go
I’ll miss you
There’s no way left to save us now
No-way I know

I’ll miss you
I’d kiss each of your cheeks
If you’d let me close enough
Then I’d leave you
And say goodbye to you and say goodbye to us
I’ll miss you

I find it more of an interesting poem than a poem I particularly like. I don’t like it at all, really. It’s got some troublesome attitudes and behaviours, and although it reflects a kind of neurosis, it almost seems too possessed by its own neurosis to notice that it’s neurotic.

Also, it’s from a period of my life that I’m not particularly proud of, and I think the attitude of the poem reflects this. 

However, my remit with this blog is a kind of honesty, so I can’t take it down now, can I…?